10 “Stay at Home” Date Night Ideas

So… I felt this post was quite relevant to what everyone is dealing with right now. The past few months we’ve all been cooped up and not really sure what to do with our time. Date nights will be looking different for all of us until who knows when. That just means we have to get a little more creative with how our dates are spent. Plus, this gives up a reason to get all dressed up even if we have nowhere to go! (; Lastly, let’s give you some date night ideas.

Canaan and I looked into some ideas the other day, and I thought we’d post a few. If you have any other ideas or you try some of these; Comment below! I’d love to hear about it.  

  1. MOVIE MARATHON: Start off by picking a series, genre, or theme.  Grab some snacks (popcorn is a favorite of ours anytime), cozy up in some blankets, turn off the lights, and watch your movie. Don’t worry if one of you doze off, just pick up where you left off next time.  (Some ideas: Marvel, Harry Potter, Pitch Perfect, etc.)
  1. COCKTAIL MAKING + PAINTING: Take painting with a twist literally. I’m no bartender. You know it will be fun to make cocktails and make some memories. If it doesn’t end up the best cocktail, you’ll have fun! If you want to see what you can come up with without a trip to the grocery store MakeMeACocktail.com is an awesome website that allows you to select different items from the home to help you come up with the perfect drink!  
  1. BACKYARD PICNIC: Hear me out! Turkey sandwiches while enjoying some sunshine is already a good idea. Now, what if you switched it up to the night. Stargazing is very romantic! Layout a big blanket to sit on, snacks from the home, and a bottle of wine!  
  1. SPA DAY/NIGHT: One of our favorite things to do together for stress relief is getting couples massages. You can pamper each other in the comfort of your house with some of these ideas! 
  • Find a Quiet Room: Make sure it’s picked up and free from clutter.  
  • Light Candles/Essentials Oil: Use some lightly scented candles you already have or make a relaxing mix in your oil diffuser.  
  • Play Relaxing Music: Put on a spa station from Spotify or Pandora. Whatever calms you. Enjoy the solitude!  
  • Dress It Down: Put on some loose-fitting loungewear or a comfy robe and slippers – for the both of you to feel the part. 
  • Necessities: Face mask, Massage, Bubble bath, need I say more.  

Sometimes it’s nice to focus on one another and rejuvenate before taking on the world again.  

  1. GAME NIGHT: The hubs and I are extremely competitive. We love good game night. Grab a board game like Settlers of Catan, Sorry, Scrabble, or something else! You could take a non-traditional route and battle it out with Dance Revolution or step into the world of video gaming! (Playing Fortnite with my husband was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. Haha.) 
  1. TRAVEL INSPIRED DINNER: Since no one will be doing any major traveling soon. A great way to try some unique dinner from around the world. Pick a country you’ve been wanting to visit and try out a dish inspired by that destination. Here are some to get you started:  
  • Italy: Make a pizza together! Or start with an appetizer, anyone thinking Bruschetta! YUM!!  
  • Mexico: Tacos, Margaritas, and Nachos oh my! Don’t forget guac isn’t extra at home. Make some guacamole! (; 
  • Germany: This is actually from our first travel-inspired dinner. German Frikadellen Danish Frikadeller. Leave it to Pinterest to come up with an authentic at home dish.  
  • France: Wine and cheese platter (this is a person favorite)  
  • Greece: Homemade Gyros with all the tzatziki sauce!  
  1. CAMP OUT IN THE LIVING ROOM: This is definitely one you could combine with another date, movie marathon, a game of “Would you rather?”, smores indoors, you name it! Grab all the pillows and blankets cozy up with sheets draped over you. Add some twinkling lights for a little something extra! *~*~* (: 
  1. DIY GIFTS: Customize some mugs with some mod podge! If you are redecorating try refinishing an old piece of furniture to make a special addition to the decor.  
  1. CHASE A SUNRISE/SUNSET: We love to go on trips! It’s the little things in life. Find a road covered with trees canopied over it, a beach route so you can smell the ocean with the window down, and even if you don’t have either of those… make your way to a spot to catch the sunrise/sunset and take it all in.  (Bucket list: Wake up to chase the sunrise to sunset or vice versa depending on where we live.)  
  1. EXERCISE OR MEDITATE TOGETHER: Everything is better with a workout partner and why not do it at home! Get those gym clothes on and jog the neighborhood, look up workout programs on YouTube, or even an at home yoga class together! Acroyoga looks super fun. I think we may need to work up to that! Cycling happens to be a new favorite of ours. (:

Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food. (:

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food.

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