5 Ways to Wear Nike Airforce Sneakers

I’ve noticed recently that Nike Airforce is coming back into style! Umm, yes, please! These are the perfect classic sneakers. I found myself styling them with everything. I figured I’d point out a few for someone else to try out a new way of wearing theirs. Even though this could be done with pretty much any white sneaker. Let me know in the comments other ways you’ve worn yours! Enjoy!

Biker Shorts 

If you really want to be trendy toss on a pair of biker shorts with your Nike Airforce. It comfortable and dresses up even the most basic fit.

Sweater // Biker Shorts // Shoes


Dresses feel well… dressy. If you throw on a pair of Air Force sneakers. This can take an outfit from fancy to casual in no time. 

Mom Jeans 

These are my favorite style of jeans by far. Adding my AirForce‘s make my outfit in my opinion. Keep it chic! 

Jean Shorts 

Of course, Jean shorts will always look great with sandals. Sneakers are a way to switch it up especially if you’ll be doing more walking.


Yaaasss! You want a great sporty summer picture. That’s right out on your favorite bikini with your Nike’s. As Nike says “just do it”! 

Bikini – Old // Shoes

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  1. Alicia wrote:

    I absolutely love your style as it shows how well sneakers go with lots of styles ♥️

    Posted 6.14.20 Reply