Favorite Shows to Binge on Netflix!

Hey guys! Since we’ve all been inside a lot more I’ve decided to put together some of my binge-worthy favorite Netflix shows. I possibly watch way more television than the average human and I’m okay with that. Haha. (: Let’s get started!


Outer Banks • Canaan and I just started this one! Although, this show is new to Netflix I’ve quickly seen it a trend. The show focuses on the main character John B’s search for his missing father. His small group of friends becomes apart of this journey and the search becomes rather dangerous. I love a good mystery! (: 

Vampire Diaries •  This show is based on a well-known book series. Without getting into too much detail, the storyline follows Elena Gilbert, whose parents died in a terrible car crash. On her first day back to school she runs into “new kid” Stefan Salvatore who she ends up falling in love with. Oh, he’s a vampire, but there is SO much more! Even though this is considered a teen drama… I’d say it’s still very entertaining for adults and both men and women.

Cheer • As a past competitive cheerleader, this one caught my attention! Cheer is a documentary-style film that follows the Navarro cheerleading squad from Corsicana, Texas. This series shows how they prepare themselves to compete at the National  Cheerleading Championship. It does a great job representing what it is to be a competitive cheerleader. 

Locke & Key • I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started this show. After their father’s murder, three kids and their mother move into his childhood home. This house ends up being filled with keys that have specific reality-warping abilities. They aren’t the only ones that know about these keys though. I was sad to see there was only one season but it’s been renewed for a season 2. I couldn’t be more excited! 

Orange is The New Black • In this series, recently engaged Piper Chapman ends up sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield federal prison as her past suddenly comes back to bite her. She puts on that orange suit, officially making her way into the system we’re she’ll have to make some adjustments. This show can be a bit explicit but this show will have you cheering on these women for sure! 

Stranger Things • This series is an 80s inspired sci-fi horror with all the twist and turns puce been wanting. When an investigation starts for the missing, Will Byers, his friends and family set out to find him. Along the way, they start to unravel mysteries in their town of government experiments, an upside-down world, and a girl with abilities beyond anything they’ve ever seen. You’ll love every character, but Eleven and her fondness for egos definitely are my fave!

YOU • This psychological thriller is about New York book manager, Joe Goldberg, who falls for aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. He becomes infatuated with her using all means of social media and other technology to curry favor eliminating “threats” along the way. Season 2 is just as good if not better. Season 3 is officially renewed! 

The 100 • This show takes place Earth’s post-nuclear apocalypse. There are only 4000 people left surviving on a space ark. The leader of the ark decides to take 100 juvenile prisoners to test the habitability of the planet.  Three generations later, they’ve never seen anything like Earth and must create their own path for the future of the human race. The last of their kind. 

Riverdale • This series follows the life of Archie Andrews to the town of Riverdale. Riverdale may seem like the picture perfect town but in reality, there are some dark secrets that are discovered. Archie, Jughead, Betty, and fancy new girl Veronica fight undeniable desires while coping with the death of a fellow classmate. The show had me hooked episode 1! 

Dexter • blood-spatter analyst uncovered vigilante serial killer… need a continue. The main character Dexter, not only solves murders but commits them. Dexter’s adoptive father Harry realizes at a young age Dexter isn’t like the rest and teaches him a code to control his “urges”. After Harry’s passing, Dexter has only a subconscious reminder keeping him in line. His sister Debra unaware of the truth works as a policewoman for the Miami Metro Homicide department uses her brother hunches to climb the corporate ladder. 

If you’ve got any Netflix recommendations please leave them in the comments! (:

*This is not a sponsored or affiliated post. These are only opinions of mine.*

Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food. (:

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food.

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