Mini Guide: Saint Lucie County

After moving to the Port Saint Lucie area for financial purposes I quickly realize we made a smart investment move. However, as a young couple, there didn’t seem to be a ton to do. I decided to dive into the internet to search for local things we’d like to do. 

After finding a variety of websites with random information. I decided to compile together a list of places and things to do in Saint Lucie County. 

Clover Park

Home to the Saint Lucie Mets baseball team and spring training facility for New York Mets. This field was renovated in February/ March 2020. I cannot wait for all the hotdogs and beer next season. I’m practically drooling. Haha. 

Botanical Gardens

This beautiful place is great for photos or even relaxation. There are many gardens within and free it’s the public. If succulents are your thing, they have them. More of a hibiscus person? Yup! You got it they probably have it. And I don’t know about you but this plant mama loves there propagation centered plant festival. 

Coffee Grind (Tradition)

This local coffee shop truly stole my heart day one. Not only are the drinks delicious. There is also a small skate & beach shop inside with the cutest items. My favorite drink here is The Sweet Carolyne which is white chocolate and macadamia latte. You can’t beat the character of this place! 

Hoplife Brewing

A locally owned and operated brewery with one of a kind craft beers and random food trucks a few steps outside. If you are looking for a great trivia location, live music, dirty bingo with the lovely Kelli Randell, wanting to try a silent disco or other fun events than this is your place. The brewery is located across the way from Clover Park stadium.  

Vine & Barley (St. Lucie West Blvd) 

A quaint wine and craft beer lounge located in St Lucie West & Stuart. Perfect for a date night or hang with friends. They offered boats head charcuterie boards to enjoy with your drinks. Conveniently enough you load money onto a “wine card” which allows you to try whichever wine you’d like.  

River Park Marina

If you are more into the outdoorsy style of outing this is the perfect option. You can rent a pavilion for bbq. Go Kayaking on The Saint Lucie River. Fishing off the banks or put in the boat at the ramp. River Lily Cruises offers boat tours of the North Fork Aquatic Preserve. A great way to be a “tourist” in the town! 

Tours on Horseback (Fort Pierce)

I have not had the pleasure of trying this yet. It’s always been a bucket list to do for me. In Fort Piece not only do you have the opportunity to ride horseback on trails but on the beach too! If that wouldn’t be a cool date I don’t know what is. The post will be updated once the hubs and I get out there. 

Causeway Cove Marina For Drive In Movies (Fort Pierce)

I’ve only found out about this recently. I’m so glad I did too. I’ve always loved a good drive in movie when we lived down south. It is nice to know there is a place near by. They show a variety of family friends movies on the weekends for all to enjoy! Tickets are affordable and it’s a great way to get out if you are still social distancing.  

Superplay USA (St. Lucie West)

This place really has it all. Mini golf, bowling, laser tag, and drinks! In fact, it is attached to Duffy’s sports bar. Great for a date night or fun night with friends. I had such a good time here for a work event. We always see a lot of families here as well. There are specials throughout the week. My favorite is the cosmic bowling night $17 for 2 hours of bowling and 1 game of laser tag. The black lights and music make the whole night.

Savannas Preserve State Park 

If you are looking for a great walking place this is perfect if you are trying to get out of the neighborhood. Bench throughout if you are in need of a rest break or stretch. You really get to feel in touch with nature out here. I love running into all the wildlife like gopher tortoises, birds, and other critters.

Pop Stroke (Tradition)

This is a new addition to the Tradition area. This is a unique golf entertainment facility that included 36 holes mini golf course, golf simulators, and a full-service bar and restaurant. They host events or just spontaneous fun nights! Their motto is… eat, putt, drink! What more could you need? Haha.

I hope this helps you with some ideas when you are in town! Let me know in the comments if you decide to do any of these!

*This is not an affiliated or sponsored post.*

Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food. (:

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food.

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