Plant Mama To Do List

Hey guys! Long time no talk. Haha. I wanted to touch on one of my favorite things. Plants. It all started with my first succulent in 2015. I wanted to talk about some of my plant routine as as I like to call it, my plant mama to do list. 

Various tasks go into keeping your plants thriving. Keeping them alive is half the fun learning what each one needs. I have no expert but a lot a trial and error to maintaining your green thumb. It’s more than watering and sunlight that’s for sure. 

Although I’d love to have all the plants. I also have dogs. When I decide to bring a plant into the house I like to make sure they aren’t toxic to them. I use the ASPCA website to check which plants are pet friendly.

Plant Mama To Do 


This can take me up to an hour if I do in and outside plants. These summer months in Florida I make sure to pay extra attention ruin your the soil. Sunday’s are my day for relation. Tending to my green friends is very relaxing. Soaking some


Open up those windows! Some plants need more sun than others so positioning is everything. That’s half the fun though. Learning which individual plant needs what. Then watching it thrive! 


You get haircuts right? Okay, well it is pretty much the same concept. You need to trim the craziness and pull off the dead stuff. In fact, certain plans need to be cut to maintain a desired space. 


If you want your plants to continue to thrive you must periodically do one or more of these steps: move, rotate/repot. Move your plant if you notice it is wilting or dry it might just need more or less sun. Rotate! I cannot emphasizes this enough. Your plants can get sunburns so make sure there is even love all around. Rootbound means your roots are coming out of the bottom of it pot and no longer able to grown. (Side note: if you like the size you do not have to repot into bigger – it will stop growing however it won’t cause it to die.) When roots have no where else to go it’s time to repot that was your plant can grown even bigger. I’ve even hear shaking a fiddle leaf fog tree helps imitate the wind and helps strengthen plant from stem to roots. 


Here in Florida, I keep my houseplants on a summer fertilization schedule. The tropical climate & warm weather keep the plants active growth higher than those with fluctuations in temp. more regular houseplant fertilizer program.

Frequency for summer fertilizer depending on the fertilizer you’re using.

  • Granular products are used way less, about once every month or two.
  • Liquid fertilizers are used more often, bi-weekly or monthly depending upon the brand.
  • Slow-release houseplant fertilizers are more like a time-release break down that lasts for up to three to four months.

Dust indoor plants

Houseplants collect dirt and dust like most things in our houses. This can prevent plants for absorbing the appropriate amount of sunlight. 

How I clean my plants may you ask? I start with a spray bottle of room temperature water and gently wipe away the dust and hair (I have Pomeranians..) with a natural non-scratch plant sponge. I purchase mine from Amazon.

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food. (:

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food.

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