Tips for Camping in the Rain

Our recent trip to The Smokey Mountain National Park inspired this post as we were not as prepared as we thought. I don’t think any of us anticipate as much rain as we got. But, like most things that go wrong, we learned so much. After a couple of store runs, we finally got a few extra things to pair with stuff we had. I would have liked to have tips for camping in the rain sooner myself.

Although camping in the rain doesn’t sound too enjoyable it’s very doable when prepared. I think it’s all part of experiencing nature. Which is what most of us are looking to experience on a trip. Right? If you have experience camping you’ve likely ended up in this situation. For all you newbie campers, your time is coming. Haha. We were right there with you these past few days. I’ll go over some tips for camping in the rain we’ve found most helpful.

1. Extra Tarps

Bring extra tarps! You can use under the tent, to cover firewood, reinforcement over your tent, and even to hang over any areas of your choosing. 

2. Tactical Rope

These can be used to help hang your tarps properly especially if you have tall peeps in your group. 

3. Good tent with the appropriate Rain Fly

Be sure you have the correct rainfly attach to stake it outward because just laying in the tent won’t help. The condensation will drip right into your tent. 

4. Rubber Shoes

I had these rubber sandals. They came in way handy during our trip. Especially when taking showers. Easy to rinse off feet when they get dirt in them around the campsite. 

5. Waterproof spray 

Just adds a bit more protection to your tent. 

6. Place a tent on higher grounds. 

Make sure to get on a tent pad or place at the highest level on your backcountry campsite to avoid pools of water. 

7. Extra dry bags

Whether you’re trying to keep things dry or keep wet items out of the way. Just the saturation in the air itself makes it damp everything around you. Cold and wet is just not a great combo.

8. Portable Camping stove

Being that most things are wet. When it’s raining you likely won’t be able to have a fire. Rain doesn’t care when dinner time is. Haha. This portable stove was a lifesaver forever. This gives you some much of a variety of food too. 

9. Pop up Canopy 

Throw this over your picnic table for some coverage or shade during the summer months. If you can get one with a net that helps with bugs a lot as well. 

10. Waterproof matches or Mini Torch 

Both of these came in so handy when everything got wet during our camping trip. Continues to have the ability to light things even though they got wet.

11. Keep Firewood Dry

Use one of your extra tarps to keep firewood dry. Once the rain stops you’ll want this to be available. Wet wood just doesn’t work that great, you know? These cooler fall nights a nice fire is the cherry on the sundae. 

12. Rain Gear

A Rain jacket, hat, and of course some waterproof shoes will always come in handy if you need to make your way out of the tent. Or if you don’t wanna let the rain hold you back on a hike these are great items to have.

13. Makeshift Clothesline 

Using the tactical rope it was super convenient to make a clothesline for when it stopped raining to help dry are wet items towels clothing etc. or if you end up washing clothes in a nearby body of water this is another way to dry them.

14. Lighting 

With rain comes overcast and depending on the time of day I can make it extremely dark and difficult to see things. We were able to use these lights during our trip. The extra lighting was a lifesaver. 

15. Quick-dry Towels 

Being that regular towels hold a lot of water. Having quick dry towels are great alternatives although they are smaller they will dry much quicker when wiping down items. 

16. Games

Third times you may end up stuck in your tent. So fortunately we had to come up with things to do when it rained. Cards, board games, “I spy” if you can sit under a tarp or canopy.

17. Extra socks 

Trust me. They were great to have! No one likes soggy socks. 

18. Anti-fog for Eyeglasses 

For my fellow glasses wearers. I highly recommend anti-fog wipes or spray. IYKYK 

19. Post-rain Tent Care

Being that you’ll possibly be wrapping up a wet tent. Make sure to post up the tent when you get home to allow it to dry out before storing it as mildew can accumulate. 

I hope these tips for camping in the rain are helpful. That way you can make the best of your next rainy trip. Thanks for reading! 

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food. (:

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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Erica. Married to my best friend. Travel enthusiast inspired by poofy fur balls that hog my bed and steal my food.

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